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Few things make me dizzy with delight. Okay, more than a few, especially my plant babies. At this time of the year in North America we’re warm – make that, hot, which has its own dizzy-making properties. I prepare for the summer dormancy in the garden and a sort of quietness floats through the air. We, plant and me, are doing our best to rest and hydrate during the heat waves. Except for Ms. Alrighty-You-Be-So-Mighty Crape Myrtle.

She arrives on the scene late (into the season) – like any diva might. And she comes out swinging in all her tissue-crepe paper-blossom glory. All about #BeARedBird, she is. I rest assure there is brilliant bloom to delight my eyes (with blossom flavors in a variety of colors, so pick your crape dress). Best yet, she’s no wuss with the heat, no sir. Give me more, she says.

My senses sip on this #restorativegarden beauty on this fine #FridayPlantHappyHour. So aware of her ease. The call-of-the-wild goes out to the birds and bees. We all want to be draped in the crape, finding respite in her candelabra-like presence.

[bctt tweet=”Draping your landscape with #BeautyandBenefitPlants is a styling must for your soul. Your senses will thank you. “]

And fear not, come fall, she’ll go out with a bang. Fiery, fierce and simply elegant fall #PlantFashion reminding that it is in our nature to thrive, no matter the temps of our days.

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There are many purposes to have a garden. Much like you, we will pay our respects this weekend with #homegrownblooms of gratitude & appreciation to those who have passed, moreover, those that gave their lives in duty to our collective community.

RBRG_In Memory_Gma's marker_Homegrown Blooms_all rights reserved

Since a little gardener, I’ve been drawn to the graveyards as #restorativegardens. As a family, we’ve practiced a gravesite ritual of honoring lives, beyond time and place, expressing by way of flowers our offerings of appreciation & devotion. And we’ve just about always picked flowers and greens from our own gardens. It is unspoken: this is one of our reasons to have a garden. 

[bctt tweet=”It heals me to bring life and beauty from my #restorativegarden to honor a life of beauty. “]

On this Memorial Day, both wholly and holy as it is, we honor those that went – for us & before us.

RBRG_In Memory_flags and roses_all rights reserved

I thank the good, green earth for flowers – for they grant us the transcendent ability to say “I love you” & “thank you” when words simply fall short.

In memory…

RBRG_In Memory_Dad's marker_Homegrown Blooms_all rights reserved

… and in appreciation.

A Red Bird Plant Fav: Tete a tete Daffodil win’s our garden heart for this week’s #FridayPlantHappyHour sip.

Here’s the ‪#‎healinggarden‬ boost:
– engages the senses (sniff that!)
– keeps you timed with nature’s clock (early spring song sung!)
– enlivening color of yellow blossom (hope! courage!)
– encourages positive memory associations (tie a yellow ribbon ’round that old oak tree…)

RBRG_Tete a tete Friday Happy Hour 96

As seen here by this photo taken by Phil Chester Photography of our ‪#‎thriveoutsidefeelgoodinside Showcase Garden at Yard, Garden & Patio Show in 2013, we used this favorite darling daff to induce happiness and cheerfulness for our garden visitors.

Outfitting your garden with purpose helps boost your sense of self, recharges your batteries and puts a twinkle in your eye. Tweet: 1 route to healing is down the garden path of delight. #whatappliesinthegardenappliesinlife @AnnieRedBird[tweet that!]

 Your turn::

How does color and fragrance affect you in nature? Are there certain colors that you are drawn to (or need more of) or smells that cast a happy spell over you?

Need help selecting and styling your outdoor space, purposefully so that you are guaranteed to ‪#‎restoreoutdoors‬? Drop a question in the comments below. And let’s see what Red Bird can do to help you #GetYourBloomOn.