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Get a Spa Treatment for Your Garden & YOU!  Go from Blah to Ahh… just in time for spring!

Join me for a 5-day getaway, virtually, for just 15 minutes a day. Indulge yourself in this spa treatment and learn: 

Where to start with landscape design for serenity & less stress (aka your escape hatch from stress & #gardencomfortzone landing pad)

What to do to boost beauty outside & bliss inside (aka decrease the trashy)

Which quick makeovers to make for your space that are best for your mind, body & soul (aka makes you happy)

Transform that blah space into your #HealingGardenHappyPlace! 

Click Here to Learn More & Register for Workshop in March!

Garden Showings & Displays

February 8 – 10, 2013 | “Gardens through Our Ages – Thrive Outside!”
>> Visit our Showcase Garden Display at the Portland Yard Garden Patio Show, Portland Convention Center.

April – November, 2012 | “Farm AT Table” – a Restorative Garden Display, honoring the farming families of the Willamette Valley.
>> Visit at Baumans Farm & Garden for a limited time showing.

Fall Season at Farm AT Table Display Garden


July 20, 2012 | Restorative Gardens for Veterans, Chicago Botanical Gardens
>> Click to learn more about our presentation: “After Facility Care: Transition Home & the Necessity of Restorative Gardens for Veterans & Families”.
>> Visit our Facebook community & collaboratory for restorative gardens for veterans & their families.

Speciality Garden Tours

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Plant Spa (ah!!) Day

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