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Farm AT Table Garden Display, 2012

Our design and overall concept is inspired by and yields to old truths:

  • use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without &
  • no farm = no food.

Screen Shot 2012-04-20 at 11.05.23 AM

Farm AT Table Restorative Garden Design Display




Warm by the fire element – repurposed steel seeing a new use and life.


RedBirdRestorativeGardens_Farm AT Table long view

The thrill of the rill – representing the importance of protecting water for our food source providers.

Fall Season at Farm AT Table Display Garden

Red Bird Restorative Garden conceived an unusual concept – collaborate with two local industry providers for a living garden display set within a retail nursery, free and open to the public.

We tell a story about legacy. About the generations that have taught us the value of respecting this land, reusing what you can, and to relish in restorative power of our own private gardens. We come to celebrate this place on our planet – a part of the world where we have deep roots – based in farming. We created this garden to teach – to teach what is possible, why, and how-to. And it our hope to highlight the lifestyle and essential elements that make for good outdoor living – no matter the size.

The hallmark of “Farm AT Table” – A living table feast inspired by the Garden of Flow/Accumulation at Cornerstone 2009. More than bringing the farm to the table, ours is actually a table planted with the farm – herbs and edibles that are fresh at the fingertips, both to enjoy and to appreciate. Running down the center of the table is a rill of water used here both as a soothing and captivating water element and as a symbol of the precious resource that underpins our local farms. It flows into a large ceramic vessel that intimates the well of our lives. Benches made of wood saved from a burn pile were designed as a our representations of apiaries, because without our pollinators, there would be no food.

Serving up good food (and gardening) right to your fingertips, providing soothing sounds of water and reclaiming local materials – symbolic nod to the hardworking farms in the Oregon Willamette that feed our community. It’s our hope that visitors enjoy this restorative, universally accessible design… and consider possibilities to restore outdoors.

Time-limited showing at Bauman’s Farm & Garden through November 2012. And yes, all elements available for sale.

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It takes a village to bring you a living garden display…

Helping us teach & tell the story about this great place, our dream team is:

Autumn Leaf Landscape — our landscape contractor team (a small family-owned company that has been serving the North Willamette Valley since 2000).
Aurora Mills Architectural Salvage — a haven for reclaimed built goods (which come with a good life story), that with our design magic become repurposed treasures.
Bauman’s Farm & Garden — our gracious host and providers of yum-yum stylish, delish, plant babies, through the seasons.
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