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Renew — a la carte, single solution design & styling services


If you’ve never worked with Red Bird before, this is a great way for us to get to know each other. (And if we have worked together, and your outdoor living space just needs a loving update or refresh, this is a great way to do that, too!)

Maybe your landscape (and you) are in a rough patch and a little sprucing would lend a big boost. Maybe you’re just tired of being tired, and you want to devote a little attention to your outdoor living space so it can help you recharge. Maybe you have bad-view-itis, a certain spot view out your windows that is driving you bonkers and some tidying and styling intervention would relieve your mind and eye.

You need a quick win to start taking good care of that Red Bird heart of yours. Let’s get into your landscape and make some small and effective changes to help you start feeling rejuvenated in your space right now.

“Yah, of course, nature is good, but you have shifted my relationship with it for the better in mind and heart expanding ways.” —C.M.

Renew services are a la carte and can include any one of the following:

Consultation and Treatment Plan

You have amazing ideas and let’s pair them up with insights based on my years of experience. Together, we’ll chart a recommended step-by-step direction to bring those desires to life.

Walk and Talk Advice

Receive personalized guidance about the state of landscape affairs and recommended resources to cure what “ails” your healing haven.

A Single Space Change

We’ll focus on reuse, restyling, redressing so that you are recharged and your serene green scene is renewed.

Seasonal Styling or Personal Shopping

Your space should flow with the seasons just like you do. We’ll help make the transitions smooth and enlivened. Receive personalized recommendations for color consults, fabrics, finishes, fixtures, furnishings from trusted sources and vendors. Or hop on board for personal shopping trips to local suppliers and plant nurseries.

“Thank you so much for all your great help to get our garden redesign project started! See you in early spring!” —C.L.

If you want to discover what Red Bird is all about and explore the heart and science behind it, Renew is for you.

Together, we can begin to unearth the longing you have for your space – and for your life.

Investment starts at $450: Services purchased in 3-hour blocks. Schedule an Inquiry Call to get started.

Schedule an Inquiry Call

(P.S. If you love what happens during the Renew process, we can grow our work together into Thriving or Flourishing to bring your plan to full fruition.)

“I certainly appreciated your work and ideas for the beginning of my new backyard look. Looking forward to the plants growing and changing and hope everyone will continue “happy” like they are presently.” —J.B.