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Serenity How? Serenity Now! This virtual garden consultation makes that possible!

Ready to confidently create a garden sanctuary that speaks to your soul… right outside your door?

Get Your Very Own
Sanctuary Garden Design Sessions 

Intimate, virtual coaching sessions to guide & empower you in realizing sacred, restorative space within your landscape — tailored to your budget, space, green thumb & soul’s desire!


What if you knew the exact steps to take right now to transform your outdoor living space from that “blah” feeling to a serene outdoor space that made you feel “ahhhhh…”?

How about this time, you don’t have to deal with the overwhelm of a zillions of books to wade through. You can check the Pinterest envy at your computer browser because this time, you’re empowered. No more of your hard-earned money dying on the vine because of frustrating fits and starts with the wrong plants, wrong place, wrong time.

This healing garden design coaching package gives you a tailored-made primer of what to do, where and why specific to you. It will improve the restorative, healing and beneficial value of your outdoor living area and is easily delivered, right your email inbox.

Primed just in time for the new season, you will receive:

  • suggested design treatments and practical styling ideas

    that are elegant and easy for you to “plant” right now to unearth goodness and grow your wellbeing.

  • recommendations of plants and/or elements to consider

    and how you can make things easier and more satisfying.

  • answers to your questions one-on-one

    from an expert who is passionate about your wellbeing, your landscape & the planet.

  • immediately actionable to-dos for that ta-dah! effect

    no matter the size of your yard, the level of your skills, nor the amount in your budget.

Dream with me for a second, friend…

Picture your outdoor go-to-spot.  Is it your sanctuary; your healing outdoor haven; your secret getaway?

Do you see a relaxation station that soothes your senses and stirs your soul, all while looking lovely?

If you’re feeling a “blah” instead of an “ahhhhh”, chances are that we’ve found each other because you are like me and my hundreds of style-keen, garden-dreaming, rejuvenation-seeking, holistically-minded, mind-body-soul-nature connected “soilsoulsister” clients. And you’re wondering “serenity how?”

I get it. You want a “me space” – a pretty, outdoor serenity-now, garden living space where you can put yourself in a “time out”, gladly – out of the path of everyone else’s needs to recharge your mind, body, soul.

And right now, you’ve got a yard. Or a stoop, balcony, porch. That has no soul. No personality, purpose, meaning, no order and no sanctuary vibe. It just there-there, not doing much. It’s all a jumble inside your mind and maybe even a bit of a jungle outside. It ain’t no outdoor oasis. Yet. 

The struggle is just where to begin – isn’t it?

When it comes having a sacred outdoor space, you’re:

  • overwhelmed with all the options in books, online, big-box stores and at the boutique garden centers and not sure of where to dig in.
  • wanting soul fulfilling guidance specific to you, your setting and life’s circumstances, becuase we all need to be seen as individuals.
  • craving ease so you may simply enjoy yourself and bask in nature’s beauty, kicking back, trusting you made the best choices that and make the most $ense.

Your Fairy Garden Godmother is here to help make your serene green sanctuary dream come true!

Serene Green Scene Power Hour Plus

Having a living, thriving nature space to nestle into, helps you tap into the deep, sacred, natural state of who you are & your wellbeing.

I wanted to let you know the front yard looks AMAZING!!! I just love to sit and look at the beauty. It’s such a positive feel and healing for me. —A.W.

Receive the sanctuary garden design coaching you need to take your deep desire for a slice-of-paradise + your zero-to-gazillion ideas, so that this time:

  • You see and feel the benefits: your heart rate settles down and your brain waves do a happy dance.

You and your garden living space finally have a thing going on.  Your space matches the inner you, is pretty, feels good and does good for your wellbeing!

  • You spend your pretty pennies wisely
: you sync with a nurturing life force that renews and restores you with just the right amount of effort on your part.  

You’re empowered for making best choices in plants, decor, fixtures – spending money on things that matter most, returning on investment AND inspiration!

  • You waste no time Thriving Outside & Healing Inside
: you easily shift into just being rather than constantly doing.

You carve out the best (sweet little) spot as your Sanctuary Garden and get on with banking the beauty and benefits of nature’s healing powers: that’s joy, delight, relaxation, friend and that gets you feeling like yourself again.

This is where Sanctuary Garden Design Sessions come in!

Welcome to my virtual design studio! For a limited time I’m helping people like you find it less stressful AND more enjoyable to create a personal ahh-space in everyday nature – a healing garden happy place. 

With this Sanctuary Garden Design Sessions package:

  • we’ll collaborate virtually in 3-part harmony: you, me and technology.
  • you’ll work one-on-one with me, your very own passionate healing garden design expert who believes in you and the power of nature to heal (yes!).
  • you’ll receive clear and creative recommendations and resources crafted specific to your healing outdoor haven, ready for immediate application.


Welcome to my garden of possibilities for you…


How it works

Upon booking:1

Signature Red Bird Concierge Treatment

  • Be escorted to an online calendar to schedule your Power Hour video call.
  • Receive a Welcome Packet with video call instructions to help you settle in.
  • Receive your pre-call Serene Sheets that explain the key restorative garden ingredients that soothe AND support us.
  • Accept my invite to a Private Online Mood-board, curated just for you, shared privately just between us.

1Before our Power Hour call:

Reflect-to-Restore Reconnaissance

  • Complete the pre-call Serene Sheets (give yourself 1 hour).
  • Email worksheets, photos and questions to me at least 3 business days before our call for prep, assessment, priming of creative juices.
  • Prepare with pen and paper; have your computer/phone ready and all distractions turned off and away.
  • Set up for our video call following simple instructions in your packet.


During our Power Hour (60 minutes) recorded video call:

Soul Studio & Creation Station 

  • Use smartphone technology, to Walk-and-Talk your space and lifestyle, focusing on you, your needs, resources, and lifestyle.
  • Assess your space using my Essential Restorative Garden Elements, we’ll get clear on Blah-causes and Ahh-elements suited to your space.
  • Review design treatments and styling interventions you can make to support your soul’s intentions for a Sanctuary Garden.
  • Determine, on-the-spot, 3 Serene Scene Design Tips for elegant and immediate transformation in your space.


Following our Power Hour call:

Your Sanctuary Garden Design Ahh! Coaching Kit

  • Delight in your tailor-made email kit of a personalized mood-board and key recommendations for design steps to transform your space into your Sanctuary Garden.
  • Access our recorded call to listen back at your leisure.
  • Receive follow up email from me to check in to answer follow-up questions because I am, after all, your Fairy Garden Godmother here to support your wellbeing.
  • Complete a brief survey to share your feedback.

Grab a spot for your Sanctuary Garden Design Sessions!
(Please join the wait list for a feel-good spring of 2018!


Have Questions?

After two decades of working with hundreds of serenity-space starved hyper-helper, over-helper, caring caretaker types, and a recovering over-helper myself, I know through research, countless design projects and personal experience that a place to escape that’s draped in nature – where you can catch your breath and feel back in sync with how beautiful the world is and how wondrous you aregoes a long way in supporting peace, health… and refueling the inspiration, resilience and creativity tanks.

I know that your Sanctuary Garden Design Sessions will help you:

  • Get real through assessing what’s up with your dank canvas AND the practical possibilities best suited for your peace, health, and inspiration.
  • Get clear on specific ideas tailored to you AND steps to take for renewing outside to align with your mind, body, soul inside.
  • Get excited and feel confident, having the exact resources that help you put the pieces together.

We’ll find the best ways that help you feel the Ahhs! that are a little over-due, my over-doing friend. There’s something better out there to match you and what’s going inside your heart-of-hearts – it’s ready to bloom… we just need to plant the possibility.

And these clients agree:

I love my garden.  I am taking good care of it. Since I am not an expert the size is just right for me.
 Thank you for coming to my aid in making my little garden manageable for me.
 Hugs and lots of God’s Blessing on you. – V.A.

Still enjoying the clean and serene hedgerow and accompanying planting beds… and the fire pit is spectacular! Thanks for it all. – C.L.

You are ridiculously amazing. I’ve always believed things happen for a reason. I knew I hit the jackpot from our first phone conversation. You have amazing gifts – patience, creativity, humor, humility. I love, love, love my yard! I am grateful to you for everything. – J.H.

And I know that a personalized, yummy retreat goes a long way in helping you recharge and feel like your bright, brilliant, loving self again.

To reserve your spot for your Sanctuary Garden Design Sessions:

  1. Click the “I AM READY TO GO FROM blah TO AHH!” button below and make your online payment for your Sanctuary Garden Design Sessions through Paypal if enrollment is open or join the waitlist.
  2. Schedule your Power Hour through my online calendar.
  3. Set aside time for pre-call materials completion.
  4. Prepare yourself for serene space making to take you and your outdoor living space from blah to Ahh! It’ll be great!

Let’s not let distance keep you, me and your healing garden happy place apart. “Phone a friend”, “Call the bat phone”, “Push the Button” and book your Sanctuary Garden Design Coaching with your feel-good garden design ambassadress, coach and serenity stylist.

Your private retreat, that delights & restores you, is waiting.


Still not sure? Schedule a complimentary Discovery Call with me to make certain this service is your slipper, Cinderella (and that we’re the right fit to work together). 

Schedule a complimentary Discovery Call

or send me an email.

Services provided by package only; are prepaid consultation services only and must be scheduled within 30 days of purchase. If design services and drawings are desired as a result of this coaching consultation, we’ll be happy to discuss best options.
Services listed here are not a replacement nor substitute for professional services in any field, including, but not limited to construction, building code and inspection, architecture, landscape architecture, engineering, medical, financial or legal matters. Read more here.