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Sparkle — pottery & container planting design & seasonal decorating services


This is for that sparkle in a smaller space, a pick-me-up gift for someone special or for the sense of finishing a remodel well, making certain your space is soulfully and stylishly dressed. Call it the finishing touches the seasonal snazzy something-something, maybe even “jewelry” – each element will come with its own unique story that will help tell your story. (Seen the Kate Hudson / Matthew McConaughey movie ‘How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days’? Yes! This is the ‘frosting’ that we all want for our outdoor living spaces!)

Seasonal holiday exterior styling and custom container decoration are sure to make your garden heart sigh and your outdoor living area sing. Sourcing, delivery, set up, planting of accent pottery and container “jewels” to adorn your sanctuary happens year around guaranteeing four-season appeal of your healing haven.

Investment starts at $300. Services provided on fee + materials basis. Estimate provided. Schedule an Inquiry Call to get started.

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“We certainly enjoyed the pool all weekend and were so happy to be sitting among the beautiful plantings.  EVERYONE who comes over asks who does the planters. They are gorgeous.” —G.B.