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Thrive — personalized planting design & procurement services


You want to see a big change in your outdoor space to reflect the changes you’re going through in your life, and you’d love to get your hands dirty doing it. The thing is, you’ve tried it before, and it’s never quite turned out like you expected. So this time, you’re going in with a plan – a planting plan that Thrives out there.

I get it – there’s nothing I love more than a plan (and playing with plants, for that matter). Let’s create a thriving planting plan together, so you can have exactly what you want from your space. If you consider yourself a garden enthusiast who wants the hands-on experience of creating their space (and you liken fabulous plant arrangements to the delight of putting together a great outfit or joy of a delicious food pairings like I do), Thrive is for you.

This is the signature Planting Design Service of Red Bird where we’ll have a consultation, and from that, we’ll craft a planting design plan for your space to include purchasing, delivery and placement. An engaging, cohesive, verdant planted composition is the epicenter of restorative design theory sure to Get Your Bloom On!

“We both feel that the garden design is strikingly restorative and peaceful.  It’s so great.  Thank you so much for all your work, from the ideas to the implementation.  We LOVE it!!!  We’re looking forward to our vacation but it’s sad to leave our new plant friends so soon!!” —J.S.

Curious what your plan takes into account?

The Take Good Care Planting Design Sheets

Using a practical set of worksheets will help us identify your most-wanted plant design favorites match with your style to give you the most rejuvenating space possible. (And these worksheets are wonderful guide for your journey toward taking good care of you and your plant babies!)

On-site reconnaissance

We’ll explore your space to determine what’s possible and practical using art, heart, and science. This includes unearthing what brings you joy, surveying existing plant life and soil conditions, and intuiting what will help your space blossom.

Creation station analysis

Paying thoughtful consideration to allergies, safety, microenvironments, engagement, purpose, intention, style, wildlife, and investment, your plan is your blueprint to the beauty AND benefit of aligning with nature’s beauty outdoors.

For the do-it-yourselfer who wants a professional guide to implement their perfect space, Thrive is ideal.

And for the “I want the pretty-plant-outfits and have someone else to install”, I’ve got you covered with referrals to my Class A installer partners.

Investment: Services provided on an a fee + materials basis. Design estimate provided. Schedule an Inquiry Call to get started.

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(P.S. If you love what happens during the Thrive process, we can grow our work together into Flourishing to incorporate complementary elements into your sanctuary.)