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Garden & Outdoor Spaces that nourish

the restorative living your mind-body-soul crave.

  • Join us for our next seasonal #sipofsanctuaryvirtual micro-retreat to delight in nature's healing energy on the OUTside, renew & energize the "Sanctuary of You" on the INside
  • let me whisk you away to the serene and healing adventures waiting for you in your own personal space.
  • ri-ˈstor-ə-tiv magazinethe same science-style-soul recipe I use in 1:1 design acts as the “soil” of this FREE publication.

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Restorative Landscapes, Healing Garden Happy Places

& Garden Comfort Zones

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Is you outdoor living space a feel-good garden that inspires, empowers & delights you?

You're in hot pursuit of stress-relief, serenity & bliss - inside & out. You're wanting an outdoor living space of stylish sanctuary that aligns your design tastes, wellness practices & reverence for the planet -- not just another landscaped space. It must be personal, meaningful, intentional. This exterior space that reflects back your ongoing self-care, exploration & discovery, is more than a yard, patio, balcony - it's your Happy Place. You know that your outdoor space can be replenishing & nourishing with the right information AND the right kind of inspiration.

Welcome! I help the holistically-minded, style-keen create meaningful beauty & express personal style to better live with ease & delight in & because of their everyday nature. Let's make your landscape renovation count towards your health & happiness! Restore your mind.body.soul connection inside because of thriving paradise outside! Learn more...

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"Each morning I go out the front door, over the new hardscape, through the plantings and cross the street to get the am papers... as I return I find myself feeling how fortunate we are to have such a pleasant space... I thought to myself, self, I wonder if it affects J. like it does me??? ... so I peeked out from behind the living room curtains and watched her returning .... sure enough, as she came up the gravel path a smile came onto her face... yep, it sure did... and as she came in I asked her if she realized she did smile about it.... 'Yes, it does make me feel good...' thanks Annie." —J.A.



Ready to feel good inside because of your outside?

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“Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul.” – Emily Dickinson