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A Positive Momentary Distraction for October 23rd, 2017

There’s a seasonal dialogue shared within a garden comfort zone that only nature and the tender need understand. - P. Annie Kirk, on Garden Comfort Zones and Caregiving

(This post is part of an ongoing #positivemomentarydistraction  series intended to lend you a much deserved, #serenegreenscene  #naturedose. The photos and quotes are part of a #thriveoutsidehealinside collection, Red Bird has curated over the decades – resources that I turn to for inspiration, empowerment, and reassurance – not unlike my healing relationship with my garden and nature beyond. Research studies show that views of nature-based positive distractions reduce pain, anxiety, stress, fatigue, distress and other physiological and psychological outcomes. Find more resources here. Please, enjoy this #healinggardenhappyplace moment with me.

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